Are you Living and Reaching your full Potential?

These psalms you will find out are meant for one thing, to get you to your destiny.

 There you will find your true calling and purpose

You will find out what you truly are made out of

 You will find things that were deeply hidden inside you will be brought to the surface.

You will find out things once was unreachable to you are no longer unattainable.

 You will find answers to what you’ve been missing about your life.

You will find where your power truly lies.

 You will reach higher than you ever reach before to make your dreams come true.

 You will not let anything stop you from getting there.

 You will seek out heaven for help and get it.

 You will enjoy the bounty of your labor.

 You will cast off you every unwanted thing that tries to attach itself to you.

You will be all that God wants you to become.

You will live and reach your full potential.

 You will become the real you.

If you don’t seek after and chase after your destiny these are some of the things you will face.

 You will wonder who you are.

You will wander thru life not knowing why you are here.

 You will wonder is this all that life has for you.

 You will give into the challenges of life and stay who you think you are.

 You will not reach you’re full potential.

You will do what everyone else is doing and follow them.

 A follower of what this world has to offer.

 You will suffer at times and give into the pain.

 You will not know what your destiny is and wonder what its like.

 You will toss and turn at night because your spirit is fighting to live.

 You will walk around as fools do

 Only fools think there is no happiness in seeking their destiny.

 There something in your gut that is making you sick but what is it?

 Are you being tormented by your calling and purpose?

 You try running away from the call, but God keeps saying your name.

 You do things to silent the noise, but drinking and drugs want make it go away.

 Even the pleasures of sexual encounters want ease the pain.

  No call of the enemy can make it go away.

 The enemy can’t grant you peace.

 He will not let you go just in case you fill the urge to follow the call.

 The visions still keep playing in your head.

Until you leave this earth you will continue receiving messages from Heaven about your life and the life you should be living.

 Are you living and reaching your full potential?

 Not yet, but you will.

 Don’t close the door, because God will keep knocking.

 He wants you to awake and come alive to your true nature.

Who you really are is only found in your destiny.

 To reach your full potential you have to reach for it by chasing after it.

 Your abundant life is found in living the Christ kind of life.

 Live it

 Reach it

 It’s yours always to have.

 Heaven and earth are waiting for the real you.

 Believe me you’re going to love him, it’s what God saw and placed inside you before you were born.

 Close your eyes and invasion seeing the real you.

 Awake to a new day

 A new day that will be the beginning on your road towards your destiny.

The end


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