Blend thoughts of Success with Positive Confession

You are only moments away from your destiny.

 Your purpose is made clear to you through the promises in the Word

 Joy comes to you every morning that you open your eyes.

Your days are joy passing glimpses of sunshine

 Forever shining on you

 Your time is at hand

 It’s your time to shine forever more

Its time for you to start saying words of encouragement

 Speaking positively about your future

 Speaking positively about your destiny at hand

 You can see clearly now

 The rains are gone

  There no cloudy days ahead

Say what you see

Don’t say what you feel

 Say what your future holds for you

 Say what you want it to look like

Say what is coming your way

 Yes, say it before it appears here

 Now that you are in your moment of success

Enjoy it, but you are not there yet

 You are but a moment away from your destiny

 Blend words of positive confession while enjoying your successes

 Your successes are for a moment

 You must take advantage of this time to ensure your successes lasting until and through your destiny.

 God’s thoughts of you are now shown in your reality of your successes.

 Blend in thoughts of success with positive confession to insure your destiny will come as you see it

 All your successes are like steps to your next wealthy place.

 The more you think on them, then speak them out, the Heavens will hear you and the angels will help bring forth all the things you say.

 Say what you see

 Say what you want

 Now receive what you saw

 Your thoughts are only mere thoughts until you confess them to God and to yourself.

 All shall come to pass after you say

 Then never stop saying until you see it.

 The end


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