Are you in the place where you belong?

  • As you look at your position
  • Are you in the place where you belong?
  • Do you know where you belong?
  • I hope you are heading in the right direction.
  • What have you been told to do?
  • Is it in the direct connection to your calling?
  • If these steps that you’re taking are ordered by God, then I am sure the way you are going is right.
  • But, are you where you belong on this journey?
  • Have you picked up any instructions along the road that would lend it’s self to you belonging there?
  • Receiving the wrong instructions would cost you some delay in reaching the goal which is set for you.
  • You will need confirmation on those instructions.
  • Right counsel leads to right instructions
  • Once received and acted upon those instructions, it will put you in the right place where you belong.
  • Seek wisdoms
  • Seek it early
  • By seeking it early she will never lead or have you go somewhere you don’t belong.
  • Seek instruction
  • Seek it early
  • By seeking it you will be given a step by step path way for your life.
  • Now once you have all you need go ahead on moving forward.
  • Study it and make it clear to your mind and spirit.
  • The beauty in knowing is to make your steps a lot easier.
  • Now go and walk with him as he walks with you.
  • You have been made aware of where you belong.
  • Get there
  • Your path way is clear.
  • See you when you get there.

Ref. Psalm for Life II, – Motivated to pursue purpose-out in stores soon


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