Why Doors Are Closed?

Why doors are closed to the believer who is ready to do things

Gods’ way and why they are closed for the one who refuse not to

go the way God wants them do go?

First to the ones that are ready to begin doing things Gods’ way.

You will find that this happens for the reason to strengthen

your faith.

To make sure you open the right door.

Because you are not ready yet,

You said to God, I am ready to walk this path no matter what

obstacles may come my way and I will continue to pursue

the dream.

Do not fret.

Your faith is made strong through adversities.

Let it be known that this is only a test.

Walk by faith and not by sight.

This dream is yours and when the time is right you will walk

through many doors with the favor of God with you.

Why doors are closed to the ones that are not pursuing the gift God

gave them to help the world understand him?

Everyone has been given a gift or talent.

Like Jonah refusing to go into the city Nineveh to let the people

know about God.

Jonah decided to go in a different direction then what God wanted

him to go.

We do the very same thing when we put our own plans above God’s

plans for our life.

And this is when you will start to see doors close to your plans.

You will begin to face many obstacles and wonder why this is

happening to you.

You will say; I am a believer and I have been living a

righteous life.

I have been walking the straight and narrow.

I have been giving and helping others.

Over and over you will be reminded of that dream God gave you

until you start turning away from your own plans and pursue the

plans that God wants you to do.

Things will soon start to change for the better once you turn away

from your plans and pickup God’s plans.

Doors will open for God’s plans and they will be closed for

your plans.

Stop wasting time.

Isn’t it clear what you must do and what must be done.

God is not trying to stop you from being successful.

He wants the best for you.

A father always wants the best for his children.

He is trying to get something to you, can’t you see?

The vision you are seeing is Gods’ best for your life.

Everything you ever wanted is in doing what God wants for your


And every time you see a door close, it is only for a reason.

Whether it’s for the purpose of helping you to be stronger or to

count on him more,

To move you to the next door and keep you going until a door is open.

Sometimes he wants you to wait,

There’s more for you to understand before moving forward.

To learn not to move forward without bringing God with you

No matter what the reason for a door being closed, it’s for a reason.

You must learn from it.

Remember why it happened

Wisdom works in your favor when pursuing your dreams God has

given you.

Soon there will be a flood of doors opening for you.

Open doors means righteous favor has come to and has gone ahead

of you.

And now the doors are opened waiting on you.

The end

Ref. Psalms for Life


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