Get Motivated

Get Motivated

By pumping up the volume on your faith

We all know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Or you can say by having heard the Word I now have faith.

It’s by hearing


Hearing over and over again that you can achieve great knowledge and wisdom

Oh, yes also by studying to show yourself approved unto God by rightly dividing the word of truth.

But, let’s look at when you are not hearing and not studying.

Yes, life is busy and sometimes you just get caught up in the many things you have to do.

But, no matter how hard or busy life gets we must stay focused.

Staying focused is not walking around with the bible in one hand and your baby in the other.

No, it’s being aware of the Word in everything you do.

In everywhere you’re going.

With family, work or with friends

Notice while with them how what the Word says about life and about the things you all talk about.

Notice and remembering

Keys to help you understand how to apply the Word to life.

Everything we do while we’re here on earth has a direct correlation to the Word.

Getting pump up on your faith will motivate you every day.

Getting you pumped up to be passionate about your purpose.

The plan of God for your life directly connected to how you study the Word and apply it to life’s situations.

Even if you don’t see how it relates to your purpose.

Its part of your development process that you will need to enhance your gifts and talents.

Get motivated

About life and everyone around you.

It will keep you charged and pumped to pursue your calling.


Ref. Psalms for Life II, out soon in stores.


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