It’s not over yet

Stop it.

Stop kicking yourself over missed opportunities.

Stop kicking yourself over mistakes.

Stop it.

Leave it where you left it and move on.

Yes, it’s not easy.

Your success for it coming back around for another chance on another opportunity depends on how you handle your mistakes of the past.

How can you pick yourself up if you are letting your past failures over take all your time seeing how it would be if you did it another way or if you acted a little sooner.

It’s not over yet

You saw what happened and you felt those feelings of the moment.

Now take notes to respond accordingly the next time around.

Life is too short to spend our time dwelling on past mistakes.

Move on

Grow and gain experiences from each one then take immediate action to overcome it by looking for next opportunity.

Sometimes the first one will come back around for you to take another crack at it.

When it does

Jump on the opportunity and give it your best shot.

It’s not over yet

Is the right attitude to have when dealing with mistakes and missed opportunities.

Your yesterday will become your tomorrow once again.

Elevate your thinking to include overcoming and conquering faith like attitude.

All your victories are first won in the mind.

If you win there you can win outside the mind.

Tell yourself how you are a master of opportunities.

Tell yourself that you are an overcomer.

Tell yourself that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Tell yourself that you’re good at everything you do.

Tell yourself that next time will be my best time.

They want know what happen to the person who first made those mistakes.

Challenge yourself to always do well.

Chase the dream

Chase the promotion

Chase down your future.

Grab hold and never let it go.


It’s yours


It’s not over yet.

Ref. Psalms for Life II


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