Do well and do not doubt

It’s a commandment from God.

To love thou neighbor as thy self.

Love and not hate.

Live peaceable with all men as much as possible.

Do well and do not doubt

Love your enemies

God works through love

As well as faith

Do well

Casts away hate

For when love precedes

Anything you do

It has the stamp of God on it.

And it will not fell

Do not doubt

God’s love in you

It’s the driving force behind every good thing in life.

Go ahead

And do well to all men.

A reward awaits you for staying on course to love everyone.

Do not doubt

That it will work

The evidence is when you look all around you and when you look

in the mirror.

Doing good

It will help you to overcome your fears of someone loving you.

So you keep

Giving it and depositing it into others

And it will make its way back to you.

I tell you this in doing so

It’s on its way to you.

Once it goes out, it will find its way back around to you.

Love never ceases to amaze me.

It will go into the darkness of hell, it has no boundaries.

Do well and do not doubt

No matter how much it hurts inside.

Never doubt the power of a good gesture.

You might never understand its power.

But do not doubt

It works.

Set in your mind to always do well.

It will be a medicine unto you.

So with every one you minister well to, the more its healing power

To help you overcome your pain.

Even if you do not feel it at first

Keep doing good

Its power will soon over take you when you least expect it.

You never know

Just by showing good to a few people

You have affected the world.

Therefore, change is on its way to you.


Do well and do not doubt

It has its reward

Enough to make your cup overflow

The end

Psalms For Life…..


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