Avoiding Danger

There many things in life that can be considered a danger and are hard to avoid.

We struggle day in and day out trying to avoid the dangers that will come to take us down and make life hard to manage.

And yet hard as it is to avoid them the signs are there to let us know what they are.

James 1:14 ISV

Instead, each person is tempted by his own desire, being lured and trapped by it.

I tell you this that once you have decided to seek a better life, Seek the journey that you must take.

Seek and walk on the road you have to take as a righteous person.

Walking on this road is never easy, but it does get better.

Matthew 7:13 NIV

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

It will be better than living a life of the unknown.

Not knowing where to go when trouble comes.

Not knowing where to go when people don’t like you like they said they did or the way you thought they did.

Not knowing if the dreams you see are your future or not.

Not knowing when your destiny really begins.

But, once you seek and search for answers, then by faith you start the journey of right standing with God.

And by taking that leap of faith, the first steps you make are unsure.

But, you have to keep stepping.

Just like in a maze, you must avoid danger.

Know this that your Father is with you in every step.

Psalms 37:23 KJB

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delights in his way.

He will never leave you or forsake you.

Just as any parent would do, by knowing your Father is there should make your steps easier.

You will start to see signs

These signs come after you have taken your first step.

Remember your journey of righteous is not a lonely one.

There are signs everywhere.

1 John 2:20 ESV

But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you all have knowledge.

Signs saying; get up if you fall, the place you’re looking for is up a head.

Signs that say: you can make it.

Signs that say: don’t look back.

Signs that say: turn here or go there.

Signs are everywhere.

You must be aware.

And yes the flashing danger sign is always ready to shine brightly over the darkest course on your road of righteousness.

Avoiding Danger

It’s never easy, but with your eyes stayed on Jesus who lives inside you, there is no doubt in my mind I can

Avoid Danger

The end

Psalms for Life: “The Pocket Guide to Successful Living in Christ Jesus”


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