Awaken the Silence Within

You have held back your tongue for too long. You have to start now by saying; who you are and what you will become. Yesterday is behind you. To walk in silence is to not believe in the promises of God. He has spoken to you by visions and dreams. Your destiny has been made clear. You must now use the most important key in believing.
          To say with your mouth is to say you believe, to say with your mouth so that your mind will hear what you have faith in. There are certain things your mind want believe or take actions to move toward your destiny until you yourself say.
          Talk to yourself about what you believe. In doing so the actions of what you believe when you say will start to make its march towards what you see in your visions.
          When God spoke, things start moving and foaming into what He said. The earth was formed. The other planets formed and got into their position. Stars were aligned. The sun appeared. All after He spoke what he first saw in His head.
          There was a time when God told Ezekiel to prophesy upon dry bones so that they will rise again and they did as God commanded. Abraham believed in his mind and he said what God told him.
          What you believe in will come to past after you have said what you believe in. Tell others what you believe so their minds will begin to believe. You can and will change many lives by what you say. And when they see it come to past in your life, they too shall begin to say.
          The key is in saying. You cannot walk in truth if you have not said and heard with your own lips. Use also your mouth to remind you of whom you are and where you are going.
          You must believe in the journey when you talk about it. No one knows where you are going until you have talked about it. Their faith is reaffirmed once they hear you and then see it happen. There is no value in this when you are silent. Your destiny and purpose are reaffirmed after you have said it.
          Speaking in this case is golden and not silence. It will begin to bring value to all that you will accomplish. If you can see it then you can say it. Awaken the silence of your world by saying and talking about a world others cannot see.
The end


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