I Found Heaven on Earth

Over 2,000 years ago Heaven came to earth in the form of a baby.

That baby sent by God was name Jesus.

He showed us a way to have a part of Heaven on earth for those

who believe in him living on the inside of us.

As he is a part of us and we a part of him, Heaven on earth is


Some people convey Heaven on earth as to a love we have with a

soul mate.

Some people say Heaven on earth is when they fine success.

Some people say when they can enjoy life to its fullness.

Yes, we should enjoy life to its fullness, until it over flows, and

nothing is wrong with having richest or success.

We all seek true happiness.

We all want that one true love.

These all are attributes of having Heaven on earth.

True happiness is when you are doing all you can to show love to

others by giving it away.

Love will not return to you void.

Love will do what it was set out to do.

Love will return the favor and find you.

Love was never meant for us to keep it inside.

It must flow from person to person.

We all have faith; God’s word says that he has given to all men

(born again or non believers) a measure of faith.

You want Haven on earth, then you must do this; believe in the

Son of God.

Walk in His love

And walk in your love for your neighbor.

Walk by faith

Stop doing those things that keep you back from a successful life,

Get rid of people and friends who are not ready to walk the

same walk.

They will only remind you of the past and keep you from

going forward.

A successful life is only a footstep away,

Just by turning and going in the other direction.

Walk by faith

There is a success story inside you that was put there before you

were born.

Walking by faith is also saying, I trust God for

Good health

I trust God for

The clothes I wear

I trust God for

Paying all my bills

I trust God for

This road I am on is the right road.

I walk by faith and trust God that this new life is the better life

for me.

I know that once I have started on the straight and narrow, which

will not be without some trouble, but I know God will not allow

upon me more than I can handle.

Heaven on earth is truly up to us when we use the gifts that are

inside us.

I truly found heaven on earth.

The end

Psalms for Life…


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