Empowered to Succeed

You have been given through the means of Christ blood his power to succeed.

By him living on the inside you as you accepted him as Lord and Savior.

This power is Christ in all who call upon the name of the Lord.

Though He is not with us in the flesh, He is with us in the Spirit.

This power is the same power given to Jesus while his was here.

There was nothing that He couldn’t accomplish with the power.

He came showing us the way to win and succeed in life.

His purpose was made clear.

We too can win by letting the power become our guide and source to all our victories.

And giving God all the glory

We will succeed because we have the right stuff.

We carry out the plans that are written within as a stamp on own our lives.

As we now know that this road called the Vision of God must be done by choice.

Our flesh has its own direction and it’s not the way God wants us to go.

You must control your flesh and train it to adhere to the things of God.

You must convince your flesh that for us to win in this life we do it God’s way.

We must convince our flesh it’s the only way to go.

Succeeding at this will take hard work and perseverance.

You must be Relentless

It will not be enjoyable at times, but you will persevere.

You must be Unmovable

Stand firm without any doubt.

You must be Unstoppable

You are going to succeed no matter what.

Nothing can stand in your way.

Call on the power within.

Count on that power within.

Use the power within.

It has been given to you to overcome all odds and all boundaries.

The end of your destiny has been already written.

So, with that in mind why don’t you just do what you’ve been called to do?

Using the power to win

Using the power to overcome

Using the power within to succeed

Using the power within to be

2 Samuel 22:23 KJV

God is my strength and power; and he makes my way perfect.

Using the power within to make your life and walk easier thing with out it.

After finding this out shouldn’t this be the only way you want to go?

Shouldn’t this be just what you’ve been looking for to carry out that vision?

Looking at yourself now it want be the same once you start to become who you were destined to be.

You have been empowered to success.

Ain’t no stop us now were on the move.
The End

From the New Book, Psalms for Life II, out soon in stores and online…


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