You’re the best in me

Here is a treat for you, something from my up coming new book “Psalms For Life II–Get Motivated To Pursue Your Destiny–THE PURSUIT OF YOUR CALLING”. Psalms 150 in the new book…

You’re the best in me

 Yes, Jesus you’re the best in me.

All I am to become

 All that I will ever be

 Comes from you being in me and I in you

 Inside me working to make me into you

 My future is carried out one day at a time as you move me

Even though I may stray away from time to time

 You are still in me working to make me stray less and less

 With each passing moment I can feel your presents

 Changing me from the inside out

 Even though I may pray for help to make me strong where I’m weak

 You’ve already started to move out of me everything that doesn’t belong.

 I seek you, but you’re already here.

 I try each day to keep my temple clean from things that will make it dirty.

 My struggles are getting easier.

 The pain in my heart that was once there has been filled.

 Though I am alone, I am not lonely.

 I read your Word to find out more about you.

 The wisdom I seek is to make me more like you want me to be.

 I know you can’t do it alone what you’re doing inside me.

 I have to maintain

I have to rebuke

 I have to cast down.

 I have to avoid all things that don’t pertain to you.

I have to guard my heart.

I have to guard and close all doors to the areas where the enemy might try to get in.

 Building up my faith to walk as you did by becoming like you.

 My desire is to live the life you want for me.

 Lord you are truly the best in me.

 I hope as always to be like you predestine me to become.

 Just as you have a picture of the real me in Heaven.

I too see the picture of me you want me to become.

I will continue to hold that picture before me as I am becoming more like you.

You are the best in me.

 The end


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