One Year

One year

From now when life everlasting begins

One year

Is all it takes to build something that would last a life time!

One year

Will begin today

One year

From the moment I met you love started to lead me

One year

From the moment you said it would take to get to know each other

One year

Can seem like tomorrow when you already know that destiny has

brought your future today.

One year

Are what those who live by the world’s way of doing things give

each other when they are not connected to God and his way of

doing things?

One year

For love to take root and plant beautiful things in our hearts for one


One year

I don’t need a year when love has already come.

One year

Is only for planning to enter into a life every lasting

One year

Is today when I can truly say

I found love

But, the enemy of love has also come and

His job is to stop this love from happening.

One year

The enemy said I will give them something else to think about.

Interrupting their plans of love is what the enemy does and he is

very good at his job.

One year

God gave us something special and perfect.

Will we make the right choice in letting the best chance for a perfect love to

pass us by for

one more year.

One year

How many of these years will we continue to let the enemy rob us

from this gift that God has given us?


One year

Needed when God brings two people together?

One year

If it leaves now

Will it ever come again?

The End

Psalms for Life..


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