Arriving On Time

Yes, God is never late and he is always on time.

But, this Psalm is about you arriving on time.

First if you are reading this you are born right now for this time and generation.

The timing of you being born is just as important as when you will arrive at your designed destination.


Purpose is the word that tells us that God has a plan for certain events to happen and for those he called to be in their designed destination.

A code or should I say destiny was placed inside you before you were born so that when the proper time comes you will find out why you were sent here.

Born again

Born again is the awakening that takes place after you come to the knowledge of God and his plan that placed you here.


Reason being God has a well laid out plan for this world and he has set things in order with you in mind to carry them out.


Chosen specifically for this time and place for a part of His plan to be unfolded

Parents play a very important role in God’s plan for your life.

They must and will give you the tools, instructions, knowledge, and atmosphere in order for key components in your life that would help awake the true you.

You being made aware of who you are through certain events that will take place in your life time.

The right city, places to go, childhood friends, certain people, good and bad a well-planned mix that God has chosen you will need to come to who you will one day be.

Even when you will be born again is part of the plan.

Arriving on time

Now you start the journey to become a new creature in a place where you were just like the others on earth, but now not the same anymore.

As you grow in this new knowledge you find out what an ambassador does and how you play this role.

Important role as becoming a preacher of the gospel

Ambassadors representing a world unknown to the world you’re in and has a specific function to play alongside preachers.

You carry out the function of representation to all that hear the gospel but don’t see what you see.

You are there to answer questions to help lead them to the same knowledge that you have.

Along the way God has ordered your steps to fulfill his plan in a specific area of need only you can fill.

Your Destiny

Here is where you must listen carefully to the voice of God.

John 10:27

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

All others voices you here will be lies, because there is no truth in them.

You will come to know the voice of God as you continue to study to know him.

He through the Spirit will lead you and guide you on this journey to your destiny.


This where you will connect with certain people God has sent to you or on this road you will meet to connect with.

Those who you meet will either become your friends or they are those you have a word from God that would change and touch their lives, where by now they will start walking their path God has set before them.

Arriving on Time

What will it cost you or someone else if you were to stray off the path God has given you?

What does it cost those who are awaiting a word from you given to you by God?

How about those who they will touch?

How about the lives that will not be saved until you get there?

You thinking you are maybe only connecting with one or two only the way, but consider this they the ones you touch could ultimately connect with thousands and then millions?

Arriving on time

How extremely important for you to arrive on time?

God’s best plan involves you.

Believe it, it’s true.

Then why are you here?

What is the reason behind sending you here?

If you believe in God, Jesus, the Holy One and Heavens, then you must believe that you were sent here.

There is a purpose for you and this world we live in.

Everything set in order by God who created all things.

Remember once you have started this walk with God, every step that you take have been order by God.

Every person you interact with was on your path for a reason.

Arriving on time

Once you have taken your destiny seriously you will start to think about why you are here and what must you do next.

You will see things with a different light.

Look at those around you with different eyes.

You will start to see and feel the spirit move inside you towards them.

You will start to look for opportunities that will lead you to doors opening where they were shut before.

God placed you there for a reason you will find out soon enough.

The vision you see where you must be when the right time comes.

Arriving on time

Take confidence in your steps they are not of you, but of God.

So when the time comes to go you will be lead to the right places and arrive at the right time.

The end

Psalms for Life, “Extra Extra Read all About it”


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