By now you are aware of your destiny

 You know now what you are called to do

How do you get there depends on you

Being the best you

 If you know what that means, then it’s not being like another person who you think you want to be like, but the person inside you no one knows about yet.

Be like someone else works for him personally

 And it wouldn’t work for you acting like someone him/her.


You have to be the best you

 This is the only way your destiny is designed to get you there.

 You could never us someone else’s talents to be the best you.

 Find the real you.

Look at you everyday and ask yourself these questions.

 First question is; who am I?

 After talking with you and then talking with God,

 Make some notes about your likes?

 What drivers you?

 Take a moment to discard all the items that you pickup from someone else.

 Items you like about your friends that you now do.

Get rid of everything that doesn’t describe you.

Now deep inside you God has put specific talents and abilities that only you are able to do.

You want to invest time in them

 Make them your focal point until you are very good at doing them.

Doesn’t matter what other people say about them or think about them

 They are you.

 These are some things about you that will be needed to carry out your purpose.

It’s so important to your destiny and the future of those people you will touch that you be the best you.

Once you have accomplished and have gotten to know the real you, it’s time to apply some of the real you to finding more about what else can you do?

 What else is needed so that you can chase after your destiny?

You will get comfortable with you.

It will be like second nature or the real nature of you being you.

Heaven only answers and gives items belonging to the real you.

What God has for you to do can only be done by the real you.

Being the best you

 It’s easy to do

No one else can, but you.

 The end

Psalms for Life II, “Get Motivated to Seek your Destiny”



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