I am

When I think about who I am

What must I start with?

Am I who I see in the mirror each morning?

Is it the person I am at work?

Is it who my family knows?

Is it that person this world sees?

Who am I really?

In the grand scheme of things what does it matter who I am?

Who placed an importance on me anyway?

Is what I do count for anything?


Is what I say cause my world or those who hear me cause their world to change?

Who does it matters to?

Can anything I do make this world be a better place?

For who?

As I listen with my eyes closed and ears covered I can still hear voice and see images in my head.

Voice telling me things to say and do even when I don’t want them.

I see visions of places I have never seen

People I have never talked to

I asked the voices why I am here.

Does my life on this earth make any difference?

I struggle with things I want to do put don’t do.

I see joy in me doing things I have a passion for but can’t find it in me to start doing.

Is this why I am here?

Is it why I struggle to get started and finish it, because the other voices don’t want me to do it?

What impact will it have on the people that it touches?

What’s the true meaning behind why I must do it?

There are those who will say and do the opposite of what I see I need to do?

Even the close ones want believe in what I must do.

How can I convince them of who I am?

Can I convince them in who sent me?

I see so many incredible things I can be doing.

How do I choose which to do or in time I will do them all?

First things first I guess

I wait on the good voice inside me to lead me.


I wait on the open doors and connections I need to bring to past what has been chosen for me already to do.

I am

Who am I?

I see as I read the Word to find the reasons why I am so compelled to do what is not normally I would do.

I was born, raised and then shaped by this world to do what everyone else started out to do.

My ways are of the flesh and of this world according to the Word.

Then the war started getting stronger inside me.

The Word showed me who I am.

The real me lives on the inside at war with the flesh.

The flesh being compelled to do as the world says and the real me compelled to do what the Word says.

My thoughts are more now on what God wants and not what this world wants.

His way of doing things I choose to do.

Therefore I am who God says I am

Chosen by God

Placed here for a reason and a season

Living inside a body He chose for me.

This body is made to carry the destiny and plans of God

An instrument to be played

The talents are inside made to be played

No one can hear your instrument unless you play it

It may not sound beautiful at first, but in time after much practice its beauty will sound like the heaven it came from.

I am

This instrument made by heaven for just this time to be played for this generation.

Those that hear me will long for more.

They that hear me eyes will open to the light that shines from me.

Those who hear shall in themselves wonder and ask the question; who I am.

I am

The truth that heaven spoke to me

The truth that lives inside me

The truth this world needs to hear

The truth

About who

I am

The end

Psalms for Life: “Extra Extra read all about it”


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