Committed and Sold Out

In you pursuit of destiny we must all be these two things.

 Committed and sold out

 These are the two words that will help lead you to victory.

 You know what must be done.

You know what kind of commitment it takes to chase your destiny.

God is asking the question

 Are you committed?

 Well, are you?

If you haven’t known this, God didn’t make us robots.

But, what He did is made us with everything we need to get to our destiny in life.

No not in Heaven.

Your destiny is here on this earth.

Its the dream that you got to chase after and be relentless in your pursuit.

 Sold out to a dream

 Sold out to a purpose

 Sold out for God

 Sold out to getting to that place where God wants you to be and we need you to be.

 We are waiting on your talents and abilities

 Our purposes and dreams are not just for our successes in life.

 They have a much greater purpose.

Serving others to be better than they are

 To help in the training and teachings for us to become who we are to be.

 To show the way

 Or just you being there to say to us that we can do it too

Committed and sold out.

 It’s so important that you must not give into this life or the pressures it brings.

 There is no quit in God’s plan for you.

 There shouldn’t be any quit in you.

 Staying committed to this purpose.

 Sold out for this plan of God

Never giving in and never giving up until you have reached your destiny in this life.

 Your time is now to commit to the challenge and be sold out to being the person God called you out to be.

 He is calling you out.

 Make your committed sure.

 By being

Committed and Sold out

To your Destiny

To the purpose and calling in your life

Completely and undoubtedly

Committed and Sold out

 The end

Psalms for Life: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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