Defining Faith


Is it fact or fiction?

Well it’s not fiction

 Faith is realty

Not fiction

 Faith is the confirmation of what you asked for

Not fiction

 Faith is the title deed

Not fiction

 Faith is having the receipt

Not fiction

 Faith is the proof of a thing

Not fiction

 Faith is having it now

Not later

 Faith is believing in it now

Not later

 Faith has your name on it now

Not later

 Faith tells your mind you have it

It’s yours

 Faith brings joy in knowing

 It’s yours

 Faith brings completeness and end to hoping

It’s yours

 Faith doesn’t matter if you don’t see it

It’s yours

 Nothing in this world exists without faith

 Realty happens because of faith

 Faith is taking action in what you believe

 Awareness happens when faith believes

 Take possession of what’s yours by activating your faith to receive it.

 All that Heaven has for you with your name already on it sits and waits for you to receive it by faith.

 Oh’ and one more thing

 Don’t wait to get to Heaven to see and receive what you could have been enjoying here on earth.

 The end

 Psalms for Life: “Get Motivated to Seek Your Destiny”


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