Destined to be molded into His Image

Whatever your destiny is

 Wherever your journey takes you

 There is a place where we all must get to.

 His image

 The way to your destiny is clear.

How you get there is where the challenges lye.

 We all have our on destiny, but each one will be like the image of Christ.

 All together but separate brings us back to the sole purpose of being like Christ.

 From the beginning He was making us into his image.

 In Jeremiah 18 God is talking about molding us into his image.

 The image of what God needs us to become in order to fulfill the work of Heaven on earth.

 He will change things about you that you don’t like and He doesn’t like.

 He will move you into a place of Love

 Where you are rooted and grounded in it.

 He will change the outcome of a mistake into a good thing.

 He will change your thought life to fit the things He wants to say through you.

 He will bring to you people to help in molding you by relationships.

 He will have men bless you for His purpose.

 He will challenge you to be more today than yesterday.

 He will cause you to stand up to those who came to tare you down.

 He will give you words to say to those in need and those who doubt.

 There in His hands He will shape you to fit perfectly in this time and place.

 There in His hands He will shape you into the beautiful image you see in your dreams.

There in His hands are the keys to your destiny and future.

 Keys to life

 Keys to become whatever your destiny brings you

 Keys to your hearts desire when you are a man after God’s own heart.

 Keys to all desire that fit to your purpose.

Keys that open all doors in every opportunity granted you from Heaven.

Take the keys that open the doors to your destiny.


 Accept the teachings of God thru Christ to help mold you into his image.

You are destined to be whatever God will have you to be.

 Remember He starts by molding you from the inside out.

 Feeling free allowing Him to do as He wishes unto your heart, mind and soul

 All three will become one after He puts his hands on you.

 Destined to be molded into His Image

 The end

Psalms for Life: “Get Motivated To Pursue Your Destiny”


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