Don’t get stranded

Don’t get stranded on one level of success

Move on

 We can’t let our big victory consume us and get us thinking its good right here.

 It might be good, but it’s not all what God has planned for you.

 This level of success was a training tool to get you onto the stage meant for you to have many levels of success, but with greater difficulties on each level.

 In your mind you are thinking right about now that it was really hard for you to get this for and God wants you to go even further.

 Difficulties increases with each level of success.

 You have heard before that the greater the vision the greater the challenges.

 Well, that is true.

 Most of us cannot be thrown into the top level, we must start at whatever level dimmed by God to be our personal starting point.

Cause with every person, we are not on the same level as the next person.

So everyone starts on their level that they are capable of getting them the foundationally needs to start building upon.

 I admire children that are doing their dreams at a very young age

 Yes, sure they have great parents and a lot of help to support them, but they’re in there caring out their dream.

 So, I wonder sometimes if I had what it takes to do that when I was young.  But, God reminded me that if it was so then he would have made it to be.

 Then he said the things I have for you to do are for a specific purpose and it requires that you are trained and developed at the level you are right now to make it happen.

 We must not get to comfortable on our current level it will be soon time to move on.

 Take your notes

 Remember and write down what you went through for those moments of struggle and victory they will be needed as power, making it easier to get through the next level of success.

 I know that this was hard for you at times, but look at you know didn’t you make it through?

 Has God not said he is with you always?

 Has He not said; I will not give you more than what you can handle.

 Just like in Joseph’s days when he spent years dreaming, brothers rejections, thrown into slavery, thrown into the prisons and then coming out on top being second in command of the Egyptians.

 Remember this, he never forget who he was, his purpose and the God he serves.

 He didn’t stop dreaming and practicing his talents all the way to the top level of success. Even from prison he maintained a good attitude and continued to believe God for his success.

 Don’t stop here

This is not the place for you

 There are many other places and level of success God has for you to go to.

 What’s keeping you here?

 If it’s you thinking this is pretty good where you are, I think I’ll stay right here?

 Don’t be mistaken by the joy of success here, though its good there is much more success on the next level.

 Go ahead take a moment to reflect.

 Now it’s time to move on, because to stay here any longer you might get stranded.

 Your enemy is trying to keep you from going to the next level, because there you will walk into your destiny designed by God.

 There you will find a power you never had before.

 There you will hurt your enemy and purse his head even more.

 So, it time to get back on your horse and ride again.

There are happier days coming and many more people are looking for you to interject some things they need to be successful on their next level.

Too much is counting you continuing on

So, don’t get stranded

 It’s time to press on

There is more to win ahead

The end

Psalms for Life:  “Get Motivate to Pursue Your Destiny”


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