Don’t set limits on your Destiny

When you think how big your is destiny

 You start thinking in your flesh just how you’re going to do it.

 And you say things like; it’s too much.

 Where will I get the things I need to fund this endeavor?

 What’s God doing to give this to me?

Am I moving to fast?

 What does this all mean?

 Am I going to be ready?

 Where do I go?

 Whom do I trust?

 These are surely things for a regular person to think about, but we who are in Christ are not regular.

 We are a Peculiar People

 God says that we are his peculiar treasure; Ex. 19:5.

Set apart from all other people.

 Chosen unto Himself

 All these negative thoughts above have no bearing on us.

 What He has put inside us is far greater than what we can handle on our own, so he is within every step we make towards His destiny.

 To think like those thoughts above puts limits not just on us but on God to work things out through us.

We have a no limit God.

 So we place all our concerns for a big destiny in the one who gave it to us in the first place.

 We need to concentrate more on what God can do to help us carry out His plans.

 We don’t carry this dream alone.

 Every step


 Every course has been laid out by God.

Remember, He also made us to overcome all odds.

 I would take those lack of faith questions each one and say to God using the opposite outcome.

 Without limits

 Every time we say doubtful and negative words, we tie up God’s hand.

 Set God hands free over our life and situation.

 Call upon His hands to operate freely over your life.

 Changing and molding you into what He sees you really are.

 Without limits

 The bigger the dream the more pressure put on God and not me.

 We know He can handle it.

 You must act like the bible said;

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

 Walls have no foundation for us we can easily push them over.

 Mountains fall at our command

Storms stop their loud noise.

Those in Christ can command thoughts to change their mind.

When you don’t set limits on your destiny

 You cause Heaven to move on your behalf

 Waters may rise but you calm the seas, making the way to your destiny smooth.

 Like electronic doors opening automatically, you will have great favor to open doors to your destiny.

 No limits

 God didn’t give you a destiny and calling on your life then gave them to you with limits to operate them.

It doesn’t make sense.

 What makes perfect sense is to do what God has called you to do!

 He made you limitless through Him and not yourself.

 There are limits to do it on your own without God.

 So why do you ask questions?

 They were put there in your mind to stop you or slow you down.

 You have no limits in and through Christ.

 No limit in our faith

 No limit in our hope.

 No limit on our lips.

 No limit in our thoughts.

 No limits in what we see God has in store for the ones that love Him and keep His commandments.

 Walk in truth

 Walk by vision

 Walk by faith and not by sight


 You will have no limits to complete your destiny.

Remember, it only takes mustard seed to move a mountain.

 The end

Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny.


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