FRESH: A few words and definitions to study…

Hearing and Listening

Hearing resolves nothing. Everyone hears and nothing is done about what they hear.

Listening on the other is what doers do.  They listen with a purpose, to abstract from what they hear. They listen with intent, to put in place some actions and make changes based upon what they are listening to.

Seeing and Looking

Seeing we all do this, but still may not believe what we are seeing.  But, is good for ignoring the obvious or to try and stay away from trouble.  Men should use this at all the time to remain true to one’s self.

Looking is to observe with the intension to recall or remember at a later date.  It’s to examine or take note of. To be used to look at what God is showing us and then proceeding to act upon it.  Looking could get you into trouble, if you are out of control.  It could draw you out by your own desires.

Immersion and drowning

Immersion is the act of going deep or under, but not to stay under long enough to take in all that’s required or needed to build up a resolve. Not enough for a firm foundation to build upon, especially when trying to put a wall up against your enemy.

Drowning on the other hand is good for how I’m about to define it. This is where you stay under until you take on a full amount that you can’t breathe without spitting up the Word. Nothing evil can stay or can’t enter in where there is no room for anything dark to remain. You don’t want CPR, because what you are taking on is a life giving water that is ok to drown from. This drowning won’t affect you negatively, but will build you up making you a powerful swimmer able to swim against the changing tide, against the current or any passing storms.  Its effect on you will last through all life’s situation that comes your way. You will pant for it all the time as the deer pants for water. After you received your fill of it, you’re able to run this race without ceasing. Ain’t no stopping you now you’re full of the truth!

Author:  Wilbur J Lockett

FRESH–Inspiration of truth, given to help build up a community.



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