Forging Forward

Put your feet in the direction of your destiny and forge forward.

 You must put aside unwanted things from your past.

Put aside memories that try take you off your course.

 Forging forward

 Is to fight thru no matter the elements of the past

 No matter the elements.

 Like Jesus who stop the wind so that the boat could make it on the other side for His disciples, He stop it for them.

 If there are things that come against you to stop you or slow you down you have this same authority to tell it to cease.

 By the authority given unto you to use when things you face come to stop you from your destiny.

 You must forge through situations that people try to bring to you.

 Forge through no matter how you feel at that moment.

 Nothing must stand in your way getting to your destiny.

 What I’m trying to say is that chasing your destiny today is more important than anything in life.

 Of course, if you have family there are times when you must put them first, but God is always first and he knows that you must take care of family before destiny.

 Then get back on the road when your family is taking care of.

 In most cases getting to your destiny will be what you need to do in order to help your family.

 Your purpose for you being here on earth is important to Heaven and the world that your destiny touches.

 Your destiny has a rippling effect on so many levels that in order to follow the effects of your destiny you might have hire hundreds of people on several level just to keep up with it.

 Many lives hang in the balance just because of the reason God sent you to earth carrying an important part of his plan.

 What if Jesus decided not to go thru with it, because of such a heavy weight, knowing that He had to endure the cross?

 The one life you touch ultimately touches thousands of lives around your world and the world of others.

 You must see the importance of you forging forward towards your destiny.

To help you forge forward you must awake to your destiny on your mind each day.

 Keep eliminating unwanted things or people from your life.

Seek daily understanding of things you must do or don’t see clearly.

 Walk and talk with authority over every situation.

 Command the issues of your life and others close to you to go away immediately.

 Forging forward does mean that you have to fight through things, because your enemy will not let up. Instead he will test you by turning up the fire under you.

 Testing those things above that you have the power over

 And each and every time you must show your rezealants to forge forward never giving up and never surrendering your position for his (devil).

Forge forward and never backwards.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Author/Teacher:  Wilbur J Lockett


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