Free your troubled mind

In this psalm we will find out a few things that would happen if you did free your troubled mind.

 What if you set your self free from anxiety?

 Peace can come in freely.

 There would be no doubt about what’s happening in your present and for your future.

 You will be free to think beyond sight.

 Beyond what you are standing on to actual become that what which you seek.

 Freedom is a terrible thing to waist

Explore it.

 What else troubles you?



 Winning in life


 Ask by God to do something.

 Well, for me all these are great, but for some they’re not as great.

You will be responsible for many other lives besides your own.

 Many people outside your circle will see what you are really made of.

 All your hard work will now be paid off.

 Still doesn’t sound bad to me.

 But, yet on the other hand you are willing to do God’s will.

 You are praying to God for favor and open doors to be that which you are called to do, but yet there is something lacking that is holding you back.

 A troubled mind like yours can make you complex and confused.

You have seen the future

 You even play it back in your head because you love it.

 But, why not go for it?

 I know you really don’t like where you are now.

 You have shared that with God so much he plays it back for you when you come to him in prayer.

 The mind

 Though its power so great, it’s still a mystery how powerful it really is to the known world.

 Just as freedom from physical bondage, the mind sometimes of a person has to be retrained to operate in a freed environment.

 Your mind works the same way.

 Your mind can keep you in bondage or it can free you from it.

 Freedom comes by retraining the mind and body to operate without fear of going into a world it’s not used to.

 A successful world is a strange world if you are not prepared for it.

 It might lead you down many distorted paths.

 The world starts pulling on you from all directions.

 What God has not prepared you for he will not allow it to happen, unless he knows it’s something you can handle!

 Believe you me; if God is the one doing the training for success, I want to sign up for His class.

 Free your troubled mind

 It’s good for where you are headed.

 You will need a freed mind.

 God wants you to have a freed mind, because the success of your purpose is tied to you using your mind to conquer and have dominion over all he has given you to do.

 To be troubled minded free

And all things will fall in place

 It will be like walking into those visions and dreams you have been playing in your head with all the tools you need to be at that place and time.

 The freedom to choose

 Is better than the freedom not to

 The end

 Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Arthur/Teacher:  Wilbur J Lockett


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