Get Comfortable With Transition

Like being transformed into a new creation by being born again you must do this from level to level towards your destiny!

 Transformation must take place because you are not at this moment the image of your true self.

 That picture is on Heaven’s wall awaiting you to become that same image.

 Now what God has done is signed you up to take you thru some changes that will add to you things needed to elevated you mentally and spiritually.

 How fast or how long you stay on each level on your way up depends on you accepting your transformation.

Some people don’t like a lot change.

 Some don’t want it at all.

 If your destiny depends on you making some changes then you will have to get use to transitions.

 Know this that everyone is subject to it.

 Yes, everyone is not on the say level starting out as the next person, but we all must go thru transition.

 To get comfortable with it takes you applying your faith to keep your hope in your destiny and vision alive.

 When I say get comfortable that means that it’s not

 So how do we endure?

 As Jesus endure, so that we can have eternal life.

 We must use our power within to achieve many things in life.

 Talk to yourself about staying on target.

 Talk to God about receiving the tools you have need of in order to take on the task on every level.

 Study the Word to keep your hope and promises alive and before you.

 As with your vision you see always that dream coming true.

 You not only see it when your eyes are close, but you start seeing it when your eyes are opened.

 Tell yourself that transition is a good thing and that you will make it to the next level better off than the last.

 Transformation is the key to creating that image Heaven sees of you into reality when you look in the mirror.

 Get comfortable with transition by growing to love it even when you don’t by doing the following;

 Speak to transition

 Say that you love transition

 Say transition is a great thing

 Say to transition, I await your next move.

 Transition you’re a friend of mind.

Transitions Lord I welcome it

 Transitions are making me better than I ever was before.


 It’s good to be transformed.

 By changing your mindset to love transition, your road to destiny becomes easier to achieve.

 Then you will look in the mirror and see what God sees.

 The end

 Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Author/Teacher:  Wilbur J Lockett


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