God Promotes You in Your Destiny

The one who lifts up your head lifts it up to so you can see the stars just as He did with Abraham!

 He who positions his people in areas of need by purpose will He also position you in your area of destiny.

 Psalms 75:6-7 AMP

For not from the east nor from the west nor from the south come promotion and lifting up.  7. But God is the judge! He puts down one and lifts up another.

 Even the position you are in right now serves you in your destiny.

 Even the ones before have had their season and time.

 Those previous positions had a certain allotted time to where you where given time to grow, touch lives, pray for others there, gain experiences needed for your next level, and it came to an end after your time there ran out.

 I know many of you wish God would hurry up and move you, but the question reminds for you.

 Have you done all before you leave?

 What more can you do to help others?

 Where’s your happiness now knowing that your position will soon come?

 Remember your meditation on the verse that says; count it all joy while you going thru tests and trials.

 Now here is something else you should know that God is preparing a place for you in your next position.

 He has to move things in a way that opens doors for you.

 The way is sometimes never easy, but He does it all for you.

 Keep in mind as God does promote you according to your destiny.

It’s always the key factory in promotions.

 Otherwise, he had no reason to send you here to earth.

 If the earth is by design and all the inhabitants are by design, then you being here is also by design.

 You should feel very comforted in knowing this.

 Your actions and manner should be one of pure joy and happiness.

 So whatever discomfort or weariness you feel should fad away knowing that God is about to make a move.

 Keeping your destiny in mind, because your world is about to change around you.

 Also, that joy that you will soon feel while you are still at that old place will give way for those to seek you out in finding how they too can feel that joy and where it comes from.

 And as you exalt the Lord in your daily living in the position you’re on now while He is preparing your next one, He will take joy in your faith.

 Letting others see this process taking place in your life, brings them hope for their destiny knowing and seeing the joy in your life as you are being promoted.

 They also seeing the challenges and struggles you had to go through helps to encourage others that you remain confident in the process while you where being promoted.

 Another tool that God uses is evil men in places to keep you in faith and strengthen you in your desire to leave and move towards your next wealthy place.

 Staying submissive under their authority shows God what you have learned and how you handle strong rulers will give you power within to overcome any situation that comes your way.

 Showing others how to act and be strengthened in their faith under those circumstances brings joy to your Father.

 God is making promotion happen in your life not just for your destiny, but the destiny of others needing a guiding hand to show them the way.

 You are ready for each challenge

You are ready for the next level

 You stand firm in your faith walk

 You give hope to others

 You bless them as they might despise you.

   You walk with certainty.

 Joy and peace is shown on your face.

 Your head is lifting high.

 Confidence is in your speech.

 Clarity gives way to confidence.

 This is the way winners do it.

 Now go

 Your next position awaits you.

 The door is now opened

 Walk through it.

 God has promoted you in your destiny.

 The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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