Knowledge in its proper use Wins Battles

We all know that the Word says;

In the beginning the bible speaks about the tree of Knowledge.

Well, we know that from this knowledge it should have been left alone.

But, now we are in a new state of knowledge,

Where knowledge is now a gain instead of a loss

In Proverbs 10:14 and 24:5

It talks about wise men lay up knowledge.


Knowledge increases strength.

We all know about Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed (cut off) for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge.


They forgot the law.

Well, we know that much is gained from the right knowledge.

People in business seek knowledge or information about a product or competitor.

This will give them the edge over another.

They will reap greatly.

Knowledge about how to grow a certain type of fruit or vegetable could be very beneficial to you.

Life in general benefits those greatly that has the most knowledge.

Winners gain knowledge and the more they receive the more they keep winning.

God’s word tells us to study to show your self approved unto God, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Most of our fellers in life come from the lack of knowledge.

It keeps doors closed to us.

It keeps dreams on paper.

It keeps you walking around the desert too long.

It will make you rich if you receive it and know how to use it.

If you are struggling with not knowing about something,

It’s time to seek knowledge.

Seek and you shall fine.

Knock and knowledge will open doors for you.

Knowledge is yours if you seek it.

So where do you start?

Here in the Word.

All this knowledge in the Word will be your key to obtaining the knowledge you need to win your battles.

It will lead you to the knowledge of Kings

And being a King yourself it will be the place to start.

With propose in hand, you will be lead by it after seeking the truth.

Plans will be revealed unto your eyes by it.

Nothing will be hailed back from you.

Wisdom and knowledge will find you.

She is in your hands.

Get all you can and carry out the plans you have been given.

Use it to gain purpose and wealth.

Your battles are real, just as God knows they are real.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness.

God has placed upon you many names.




Over comers

He has given you power and authority over your enemy and all his wickedness.

They will move out your way just as that mountain.

But with the proper use of the knowledge you’ve gained, it will help you win all battles.

Stop refusing or rejecting knowledge.

Get some today.

 The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


King’s are Empowered to Reign to the End.

God’s word in Revelation 20:6 KJV says;

Blessed and holy he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years

And as we all now about King Solomon and how he reigned with wisdom giving him all the riches and wealth of the land.

Now Jesus calling us kings and priests shall reign in life. (Revelation 1:6)

Now our reign in life doesn’t come when we leave earth only, but it happens while we are still here on earth. (Romans 5:17)

How do we get there you ask?

Follow God’s instruction book.

Apply all that is within to your life.

Take heed things that will lead you to your destiny and purpose.

Not someone else’s.

Just yours

Takes instructions

Remain teachable.


Remember once you get started you must remain unmovable by no one or nothing except by those who God sends to help give you instructions.

You will know them by their fruits.

Remain wise.

Ask for more if you need it.

As you receive you must give.

Remain fruitful yourself.

Make adjustments where warranted.

How would you know?

Thru prayer and wisdom of God

Though the journey is a long one, you must remain on course to achieve victory of self by keeping the promises before you.


Kings are empowered to reign to the end

You are God’s king.

You must in all cases walk as one

Live as one

Talk as one

Be one wherever you go and whatever you do.

Kings live for God

King performs by servicing the people.

They stand when odds are against them

They don’t give in to weakness.

They move over or through mountains.

The sons of God tell the mountain; be thou removed and be thou cased into the sea.

As you live for God and your purpose nothing is held back from you.

For the prayers of the righteous God hears. (Psalms 5:16)

The steps of a man are ordered by God. (Psalms 37:23)

His goings and ways are with the power of God.

He is counted as king to reign in this life on earth to the end.

With all power and authority given him by the name of Jesus, he will overcome all and everything to achieve great success in all his doings.

Kings are empowered to reign to the end.

The End

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Keep the Vision Alive

In Habakkuk 2:2-3

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plan upon tables, that he may run that read it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speck, and not lie:  though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

In your hands has been given a purpose to deliver something unto the people of your generation.

You have many answers to questions that have gone un-answered until now.

They who wait on your vision will be ready to receive it.

They are in a stage of wait for their next level.

More visions are and will be birth from your answers to their purpose.

Your task will be hard, but you know how now to handle hard tasks.

The Lord has taken you through many such hard things in order for you to arrive at this place ready for the next challenge.

You have found a joy in your journey.

This has helped to maintain your peace to victory over each level you were placed on.

Continue to be vigilant and stay in faith.

A true warrior of Christ

Apt and ready for the next battle

Teach them what you have learned.

You know those whom you will deliver the vision too.

Stand ready for answers that now you have.

Prepared you say you are

Then prepared you will be.

Keep the vision alive.

It won’t be long now when you will have to deliver it.

They are waiting in the wings.

Prepared as you are

Ready for battle they are

When the time comes you will place in their hands what your vision prepared you for to give to them.

The people of God too wait on you.

They are preparing and the world is waiting on the visions of men.

These visions will prepare the people for these last days.

Victory will be on every corner for those who have their visions.

Ready to minster to the people what God gave them to say.

Keeping your vision alive is very important to the task at hand for many.

All visions are for a divine purpose.


Created for men and designed in Heaven.

Our enemy is smart and strong.

But, the people with visions are ready for the battle and will have more power than their enemy.

Visions from Heaven can’t be stopped.

They are like the spoken Words of God.


Once spoken, it will do as it was meant to do


And nothing on earth or under the earth can stop.

Even the carriers of the visions can’t stop it.

God’s will

 Can’t be stop


He has set forth the beginning and the end.

So go forth by faith and power

Knowing this

Whatever comes your way, either by someone standing on the outside of you saying things to inject into your mind?


By whatever force comes to stop you.

They can’t defeat you.

Only you can stop you.

Be at peace even in the face of your enemy.

The vision will come to past.

Keep the vision alive.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Keep Practicing Where You Are Headed

Keep on doing what you are doing.

In doing so you will reap the rewards of where you are headed

Keep on challenging yourself to be that which you only see now in a vision.

You will soon plainly see him come alive.

Keep on involving into that which you desire.

It will bring you closer to destiny

Keep on seeing him in the window and mirror of your eyes

For seeing him by faith you will be introduced to him in person.

Keep on moving forward

Destiny waits the man that chasing after it.

Keep your thoughts on what he will bring to you

Those things you desire will be placed in your hands soon.

Keep practicing what you preach.

Because that which you preach will help you develop into a ministry that will help others become who they really are.

Keep on keeping on

There is no time like the present to become that person you now want to be.

Keep away from those things

You know the things that keep trying to remain alive after you have them to die inside you.

Keep away from your past

If you past is one that will hold you back or stop you from seeing your tomorrow then avoid it by destroying the image with words that give life to your destiny.

Keep it all in front of you.

Those things that you add to make you better

Those things that lead will lead you to your purpose.

Those things that help propel you forward.

Those things that help develop the nature of be Christ like.

Keep on practicing the gifts and talents

These are the tools in which your destiny is constructed upon.

Tools that help

Tools that serve

Tools that instruct

Tools that help heal

Tools that show the way for many that are lost and looking

Don’t waste any tool on self gain

Your tools are gifts given by the Father to help you to bring Heaven to earth.

Keep before you images and things that motivate you to your destiny.

All will be done in the name that is above all names.

If you

Keep on practicing where you are headed.

You will reap all the rewards that have been laid up in store for only your hands.

Keep them open

Expecting great things to come your way

All is yours because you can only expect to receive what has been promised you.

And His promises are yes and amen.

Only after you have

Practiced where you are headed

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Jack of all trades and Master of one

Let me talk to you about something that is very close to me.

It’s whether being a Jack of all trades is a good or bad thing.

If you have not found your purpose and not discovered your talents

Do not be confused thinking that one or some of your trades is your talent.

If you are like me or somewhat like me

This could cause you to be confused.

You could think highly of your abilities so much that you never seek your true gift/talent.

You could have much success from your abilities and think you’re multi-talented.

That’s far from the ideal

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a great understanding on how to operate on many levels of life.

Having the ability to understand many things and be good at them.

This will keep you needed by many.

You are a very useful and resourceful person.

God can use those abilities.

But, your abilities can hamper your true talent.

You will look to help using only your abilities, but it will never be enough.

When given a vision by God, you will try to use your abilities to accomplish it, but it will not be completed.

You may get started with your abilities, but to do what God has you to do, there are levels where you abilities will not take you.

God word says here in Philippians 3:7

But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ

All your accomplishments were done under your own power without the power of your talent to gain the whole world.

There are many of you out there that are hyped up on your own sweat and accomplishments, but they all will not work to gain people for Heaven.

Will they lead you to what Heaven has in store for you? No.

Your greatest gains yet are on the way for those who will use their talents to achieve God’s purpose for you and the world.

With all your abilities once you discover your talent you will discover it’s harder to do then your abilities.

That’s why people with not much or no abilities have an easy time discovering and using their talents than you with all your abilities and wit.

Because it’s all they know how to do

It will be easier for you to develop your talent when you start to rely on it instead of leaning on your abilities.

What if one of your abilities is your talent?

Then once you discover it, you must count it more, even to the point of turning off your other abilities so you can develop and grow into your talent.

If so, which of your abilities can be your talent?

The one God has point out to you himself and or by others.

It’s the one that will serve the Kingdom of Heaven.

You also can test it by using it in some way to help others.

Ask your self how can you give back or how can it be used to help people.

Your talent will be able to draw all to you so you can point them to Christ.

Once you have seen and tested you will have the answers you need.

Remember never turn back, and also remember to count your gains as lost so to serve a high purpose.

Heaven awaits you

God is counting on you

Jesus knows you can do it

The Holy Spirit looks forward to working with you.

Become a master of the one true talent

And levels you have not yet been aware of await you.

Your abilities are sometimes useful, but your talent is so much more to gain.

Seek it

Find it

And never put it down

Turn your life over to it.

It’s now your ability to gain Heaven’s resources used to serve the Kingdom of Heaven.

Go and enjoy a new life and a new way of doing things.

Find out God way of doing things by gifts and by your talents.

Taking on the mind of Christ and operating with the tools given to you being a part of his body to serve the Kingdom.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


When do you know it’s your turn?

Well, think about this

Jesus knew who he was since he was young.

When He was about twelve he was found in the temple with the priests asking questions and speaking to them about the things on the scroll. The priests were amazed at him. His father and mother left him behind and when them found him they asked him why have you worried us, He said; why were you looking for me, did you know I would be in my Father’s house. Luke 2:41-52

So early in life He knew who he was and why he was born.

We too know this.

Now Jesus even he knew who and why his was here, He didn’t start his ministry until he was 33 ½ years old.

In Roman 12:6-8 KJV; the bible talks about if your callings is ministry, and then wait on your ministry.

The same happen when I was young I got a glimpse of what I was called and wanted to do, but it wasn’t until later in life after going thru some things in order to apply the Word to it so that others may benefit from what I was going to give to them.

It’s your turn now.

Wake up and stir up your gifts inside you that have been hidden since your time began. 2 Timothy 1:6

Un-effected by this world elusions you can come out from the cloud that has surrounded you these many years to control the destiny you have been given.

Following the course of life set forth by your Father.

Recognizing who you really are is the most important.

The awakening into a new birth was your awareness.

Now on to taking it to the next level which is why you’re here.

It’s your turn now

To spring forward into this time set forth for you.

You are ready for such a task and challenge.

Let destiny take its course and guide you into tomorrow.

Start preparing it by speaking with your Father, taking his instructions and writing them down.

Writing helps to reaffirm some things.

It helps to study who you really are and things that you must do to get where you must be.

Being there is most the important things now in your life.

We all must learn to chase after destiny.

It’s in chasing that we find who we really are and what we really are made of.

Writing things down helps in forming a pattern that repeats self, especially when the enemy comes and tries to distract us from our purpose, we can stop him from his task.

He is recognizable we shall learn.


It’s your turn now

To leap into destiny

By making your path straight: Isaiah 45:1-3

Build up an understanding of where you are heading and how to get there.

By letting this world now about it and in so doing you are letting your self know.

You must speak out to hear yourself talk about where you are headed.

It confirms to your mind, soul and body this is what we’re doing.

When you face trying times on the road to destiny you can read about yourself on paper and tell yourself to stay on target, your destiny is ahead.

It’s your time now.

Why don’t you jump right in?

Heaven and the world are waiting for your arrival.

Isaiah 48:15
I, even I, have spoken; yes, I have called him. I will bring him, and he will succeed in his mission.

The end

Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

It’s not over yet

Stop it.
Stop kicking yourself over missed opportunities.
Stop kicking yourself over mistakes.
Stop it.
Leave it where you left it and move on.
Yes, it’s not easy.
Your success for it coming back around for another chance on another opportunity depends on how you handle your mistakes of the past.
How can you pick yourself up if you are letting your past failures over take all your time seeing how it would be if you did it another way or if you acted a little sooner.
It’s not over yet
You saw what happen and you felt those feelings of the moment.
Now take notes to respond accordingly the next time around.
Life is too short to spend our time dwelling on past mistakes.
Move on
Grow and gain experiences from each one then take immediate action to overcome it by looking for the next opportunity.
Sometimes the first one will come back around for you to take another crack at it.
When it does
Jump on the opportunity and give it your best shot.
And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6 ESV)
It’s not over yet
Is the right attitude to have when dealing with mistakes and missed opportunities.
Your yesterday will become your tomorrow once again.
Elevate your thinking to include overcoming and concurring faith like attitude.
All your victories are first won in the mind.
If you win there you can win outside the mind.
Tell yourself how you are a master of opportunities.
Tell yourself that you are an overcomer.
Tell yourself that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)
Tell yourself that you’re good at everything you do.
Tell yourself that next time will be my best time.
They want know what happen to the person who first made those mistakes.
Challenge yourself to always do well.
Chase the dream
Chase the promotion
Chase down your future.
Grab hold and never let it go.
It’s yours
It’s not over yet.
The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”