Heads Up

We start out with this Word

Deuteronomy 8:2

And thou shall remember all the way which the Lord your God led the these forty yours in the wilderness, to humble you, and to prove (test) you, to know what was in thine heart, whether you would keep his commandments or not.

Heads up

As if you didn’t know this

God knows who you are and what type of person you are.

What He is planning to do is to test that you Love him and you are willing and able to follow all that He commands of you.

If you are the type of person that can read the Word and get what God wants of you and make the necessary changes, then great for you.

You are one of few.

Now for the rest of you

You must and will be tested to change into the person God wants you to be.

For every area in your life that needs you to make changes you will go through testing and proving.

For those God want to put into certain positions you will be tested in the area of your lack.

That’s right your tests are based upon where you are headed.

So, you want have the same challenges as someone going into a different area than you.

If they are going to the same area, they might have the same type of challenges you face.

As you know everyone is not on the same level as you are spiritually and mentally.

You must be tested and trained to become someone you are not yet.

So, knowing this would you welcome all tests and trials?

Would you say?

No problem.

Would you stand the test of time and stay until you get what God is trying to get to you?

Winning in life and on your road to destiny requires an unstoppable and rezealants to all challenges.

Are you willing to stick with it no matter what until you get it?


Heads up

Your tests and proving is on its way.

Get ready for change.

Get ready for the challenge.

Get ready by welcoming all tests prepared for you by God.

Get ready to be changed into the person God sees you are in Heaven.

The vision you see of yourself is you transformed.

Transformation is your key to becoming the real you from the inside out.

So are you ready?

Get ready
Get ready
Get ready

Success and greatest is on its way towards you.

A blessed life full of wonder has its sights on you.

There is an unfinished beauty on you now that wait’s God’s hand to complete the transformation into something more beautiful that heaven only can see.

Heads Up

Get ready
Get ready
Get ready

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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