I know who you are

The demons know who Jesus was when he walked the earth.

 They know and fear the name and they tremble.

 All of Heaven knew who He was and the reason He was sent to earth.

 What is in a name?

 The name of Jesus is above all names.

 This same name has been given to you.

 Heaven knew you and know you the same way as Jesus.

 Before you came to earth and after you became born again.

 Awaken to the knowledge of who you really are.

 God knows who you are and why you were sent here.

 To take over from where Jesus left off from

 Your journey to worship the Father with your life begins with you coming to the knowledge of who you are and start your training.

 Training in the gifts and talents made just for you for a purpose that God has implanted inside you before your birth.

 Your journey made easier by Jesus and then his disciples paving the way for all of us to build up on.

 So when you build it, they will come.

 They will remember the name you use to build it.

 They also will remember who you are by your name.

 And when the demons come to see who is causing them so much trouble

 They will know who you are by your name and the other name that you carry so as well.

 You will say to them go

 And they will go

 You will say, get the behind me

 And they will do so

 You will say, get under my feet

 And they will tremble as you walk on they heads.

 Carry the name Jesus and use it by faith

 It will always work, if you are true to the name.

 What is in the name?

 All the power of Heaven is made by one name.

 And in His name the world was made.

 When He spoke they did not ask who He was or what He was.

 They knew by only His voice.

 You are that voice that made you.

 Your name comes from that voice.

 Jesus was made by that voice.

 And the world’s and all the Heavens knew His name.

 Does your world and Heaven know your name?

 Without a doubt they will, if you use the name to bring Heaven to earth.

 All shall know who you are by His name.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”

Author/Teacher:  Wilbur J Lockett


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