How can we use it to develop things?

 To interrupt

 How can you use it to fight off bad dreams and unwanted visions?

 We have a very active and powerful imagination.

 When we were children we thought as a child and we did childish things.

 We had wild imagination.

 We could see our selves doing almost anything.

 Remember all those impossible things we came up with?

 For the most part we have forgotten most of those things.

 We have forgotten how imaginations made much of our world.

 Inventions come out of imaginations.

 All those dreams and visions you saw could one day become reality.

 We grew older and we forgot about them.

 We grew older and we said that was childish thinking and it could never come to past.

 Who said to you they could not come true?

 Who stepped on your dreams and imaginations?

 What’s stopping you now from dreaming up something that come bring you wealth and help promote the Kingdom?

 There is nothing in this world that can stop these visions and your imaginations from coming to past.

 You see all that you are seeing has been already created in Heaven.

 If it’s not here in the earth realm then what is the only way to get it here?

 Through man and his imagination




  All a part of Heaven’s way to get man to take up the challenge and make all that he sees come from Heaven to earth.

 Our imaginations as I said above can be use to fight off bad dreams and visions.

 In order slow man down or stop man, our adversary has come up with his on ideals.

 As children he scared us with bad dreams.

 As adults he cast images of doubt and false hope.

 He threatened us with lies through visions.

 We can also use this area in the mind that the devil has access to fight back.

 By casting down all wicked imaginations that are unwanted

 We can attack what ever he puts there or shows us with a counter attack.

 In the mind is the one place he wins at in most people.

 But, for us it’s the one place where we are most powerful.

 We can control the images.

 We can say no to what comes in.

 We can stop them by changing the channel.

We can use our imaginations to fight off the negative images with positive images.

 We fight not against flesh and blood, but against spirits.

 The fight will always be against spirits.

 But, we now know how to defeat them.

 They have no power over us than what we give them.

 How much time will you allow them to stay in your head telling you what you can and can’t do?

 You can live by there rules or you can live by what God says you can and can’t do.

 I chose to dream dreams.

 I chose to visualize myself on top.

Seeing what my imagination can come up with to help make this world a better place all.

 I chose to be whatever I can imagine to become.

I chose to have an imagination of a child.

This is where Heaven plants the images of our future.


 Starting imagining a new life and a new way of living

 The world is waiting on what you can dream up.

 The end

Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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