It will take as long as needed

God has a plan for your journey to your destiny.

 Your destiny has a specific purpose.

 Once you are on that road it could take awhile to get there.

Don’t get distracted or discouraged.

 All is well in the plan God has for you.

 The reason it could take awhile for you is that

 God has to develop some things inside you that you will need to carry out a portion or portions of your destiny.

He has to sometimes draw out of you those things that was put there since before you where born.

 That is the reason for life that happens to us over time.

 It draws out of us who we really are or who we really will become.

 These things inside of us are not buried or hidden, but are forgotten.

 Forgotten due to being born disconnected from the Father

 Once we are re-connected by the blood then we must almost like children sometimes be trained to walk and talk.

 Walk and talk like we just came from Heaven.

 Our natural eyes can’t see it yet, but our spiritual eyes know it well.

 Though our light is turned on we are still getting to know who we are.

 As God brings things from Heaven to our knowledge then we become aware of our true nature.

 Our true self

 Who we really are

Yes, the enemy will over and over and over again to try to tell us it’s not real.

 That we are not what God is trying to show us we are

 That we should remember the things we’ve done and how a person like us could be destined to be this design God wants us to be.

 God is shaping us like clay

 Molding us into a perfect design of purpose

 And if we follow his plan we will become that design in reality.

 We have things missing from this position in life where we are right now.

 They must be added to us

 They must be immersed inside of us

  Parts of the brain must be turn on to develop us into a person far beyond that person we are right now.

When you get there you won’t recognize the old you anymore.

 And when you are reminded by the enemy of your past then you can say without a doubt

 With power and authority

 That person is dead.

 He is no longer around anymore.

 Your words of authority are recognized by the enemy as they have been given to you by Heaven.

 So on your way to your destiny, keep looking for signs and things God is trying to show you.

 Welcome change

Embarrass it

 She brings to you something beautiful.

 Something that makes you or should I say

 It makes the real you


 Receive all that Heaven is bringing to you.

Expect favor

 Use it to your advantage.

It’s the key you need to open many doors to your destiny.

 Lay aside any feelings about what God is trying to change you into.

 You are not losing anything that is not needed for your destiny and purpose.

 His plans are perfect

 They fit you.

 Receive them all


 Become the real you

 You’re meant to be

The end

 Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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