Jack of all trades and Master of one

Let me talk to you about something that is very close to me.

It’s whether being a Jack of all trades is a good or bad thing.

If you have not found your purpose and not discovered your talents

Do not be confused thinking that one or some of your trades is your talent.

If you are like me or somewhat like me

This could cause you to be confused.

You could think highly of your abilities so much that you never seek your true gift/talent.

You could have much success from your abilities and think you’re multi-talented.

That’s far from the ideal

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a great understanding on how to operate on many levels of life.

Having the ability to understand many things and be good at them.

This will keep you needed by many.

You are a very useful and resourceful person.

God can use those abilities.

But, your abilities can hamper your true talent.

You will look to help using only your abilities, but it will never be enough.

When given a vision by God, you will try to use your abilities to accomplish it, but it will not be completed.

You may get started with your abilities, but to do what God has you to do, there are levels where you abilities will not take you.

God word says here in Philippians 3:7

But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ

All your accomplishments were done under your own power without the power of your talent to gain the whole world.

There are many of you out there that are hyped up on your own sweat and accomplishments, but they all will not work to gain people for Heaven.

Will they lead you to what Heaven has in store for you? No.

Your greatest gains yet are on the way for those who will use their talents to achieve God’s purpose for you and the world.

With all your abilities once you discover your talent you will discover it’s harder to do then your abilities.

That’s why people with not much or no abilities have an easy time discovering and using their talents than you with all your abilities and wit.

Because it’s all they know how to do

It will be easier for you to develop your talent when you start to rely on it instead of leaning on your abilities.

What if one of your abilities is your talent?

Then once you discover it, you must count it more, even to the point of turning off your other abilities so you can develop and grow into your talent.

If so, which of your abilities can be your talent?

The one God has point out to you himself and or by others.

It’s the one that will serve the Kingdom of Heaven.

You also can test it by using it in some way to help others.

Ask your self how can you give back or how can it be used to help people.

Your talent will be able to draw all to you so you can point them to Christ.

Once you have seen and tested you will have the answers you need.

Remember never turn back, and also remember to count your gains as lost so to serve a high purpose.

Heaven awaits you

God is counting on you

Jesus knows you can do it

The Holy Spirit looks forward to working with you.

Become a master of the one true talent

And levels you have not yet been aware of await you.

Your abilities are sometimes useful, but your talent is so much more to gain.

Seek it

Find it

And never put it down

Turn your life over to it.

It’s now your ability to gain Heaven’s resources used to serve the Kingdom of Heaven.

Go and enjoy a new life and a new way of doing things.

Find out God way of doing things by gifts and by your talents.

Taking on the mind of Christ and operating with the tools given to you being a part of his body to serve the Kingdom.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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