Keep Practicing Where You Are Headed

Keep on doing what you are doing.

In doing so you will reap the rewards of where you are headed

Keep on challenging yourself to be that which you only see now in a vision.

You will soon plainly see him come alive.

Keep on involving into that which you desire.

It will bring you closer to destiny

Keep on seeing him in the window and mirror of your eyes

For seeing him by faith you will be introduced to him in person.

Keep on moving forward

Destiny waits the man that chasing after it.

Keep your thoughts on what he will bring to you

Those things you desire will be placed in your hands soon.

Keep practicing what you preach.

Because that which you preach will help you develop into a ministry that will help others become who they really are.

Keep on keeping on

There is no time like the present to become that person you now want to be.

Keep away from those things

You know the things that keep trying to remain alive after you have them to die inside you.

Keep away from your past

If you past is one that will hold you back or stop you from seeing your tomorrow then avoid it by destroying the image with words that give life to your destiny.

Keep it all in front of you.

Those things that you add to make you better

Those things that lead will lead you to your purpose.

Those things that help propel you forward.

Those things that help develop the nature of be Christ like.

Keep on practicing the gifts and talents

These are the tools in which your destiny is constructed upon.

Tools that help

Tools that serve

Tools that instruct

Tools that help heal

Tools that show the way for many that are lost and looking

Don’t waste any tool on self gain

Your tools are gifts given by the Father to help you to bring Heaven to earth.

Keep before you images and things that motivate you to your destiny.

All will be done in the name that is above all names.

If you

Keep on practicing where you are headed.

You will reap all the rewards that have been laid up in store for only your hands.

Keep them open

Expecting great things to come your way

All is yours because you can only expect to receive what has been promised you.

And His promises are yes and amen.

Only after you have

Practiced where you are headed

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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