Maintaining your position until you get there

This letter is about standing your grow against the enemy and a spiritual warfare.

When facing walls and giants in the land or obstacles bigger than what you are you must stand.

Standing your ground in the mist of something bigger than you are is detrimental to your success.

Winning requires that you stand your ground.

David before he was King stood against three obstacles of flesh and blood that where bigger than what he was.

God will allow you just like David before you walk in your destiny to stand against a physical presence that is much larger than you are.

Why, because you are going to walk in your destiny and purpose no matter the circumstances.

You will walk in it even if you have to stand and fight against an enemy that is bigger than you.

Just like in David’s case you have to be trained for the last thing that will come against you before you go into your destiny.

He had to go against two large and ferocious animals that are faster and stronger than he was.

You too will have to do that.

For some of you the greater the destiny the bigger the giants

I don’t won’t to make you afraid but you will have want it takes at this point to launch an attack against those enemies that are helping you to get to where God wants you to be.

When faced with a formidable foe you must maintain your position for the victory to be had.

No victory in your life has come easily without being first prepared previously and or without a fight.

The promise land that had giants in the land were bigger than the Israelites but God had promised them that land and no giants where going to stop the people for getting what God had promised.

No giants

No enemy

No devil

No one

Is stopping you from getting want God has promised you.

You must continue to maintain your position until you get there.

There to the other side of your destiny.

Though the sufferings come, they come for a moment.

You have the victory also in them as long as you continue to maintain your position.

Why this position?

It’s where you are on each level after you graduated from victory to victory.

  God places you momentarily at one position while you stand to receive experiences and instructions before going to the next level.

On each level we are building up our most holy faith in areas where we have weakness.

But once we gain that experience we are allowed to be placed on the next level and raised one step close to your destiny.

Maintaining your position until you get there will help to assure success.

David and many others through out the bible have won many battles as they continue to put there faith in God and stood there ground against many powerful enemies.

Many cases where they were too small or didn’t have enough men to fight any war

Judges 7:7 ISV

Then the LORD told Gideon, “I’m going to deliver you with the 300 soldiers who lapped by giving the Midianites into your control. Send everyone else back to their own homes.”

That took faith

Their confidence had to be truly in a God that was much bigger than any enemy.

So, what does maintaining your position until you get there means to you?

Many of you have been in fights, but many have not fought the good fight of faith.

I Timothy 6:12 ESV

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Races are not won by you being half hazard.

By you being weak

By you having doubt

By you giving up your position that you have fought so hard to get

By you saying; it’s too hard

By you saying; I’m afraid

By you saying; it’s too much to handle

By you saying; I’m not ready

Readiness comes when you have prayed and study

When you stood in one fight and ready for the next

When you stood knowing its going to be hard and will get harder each time.

You must setup a mindset of winning no matter the cost.

Winning over that what God has promise you can have

Winning over all circumstances

You must have it

You will make it

There is no stopping you until you get there.

Though you fall now you get back up and are ready to go on with the fight

Losing is not an option

I am a winner

Though I may loose today, I’m up and ready for the next round.

I stand ready

I’m maintaining my position until I get there.

This is the winners’ way of living.

The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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