Our walk in perfection

I am presenting this to you again in this book from my previous book, but saying in a different light.

Jesus created by God in Heaven in perfection.

Why, because everything in Heaven is and was perfectly made.

Jesus made perfectly

Came to earth perfectly in the womb of a virgin

Started his ministry with perfection

He was a perfect sacrifice for our salvation.

He died in a perfect plan.

He arose through perfection

His body being the essence of perfection was changed into a perfect light to ascended back into Heaven.

We being made by the perfect hand of God

Are reborn into perfection by repentance of sins

Our bodies not yet change into perfection

We must stay and operate our selves by perfection.

Perfection by works

Our conscience being purged to think perfectly

Made perfect in our love for others

Made perfect by putting on Jesus
We traded out imperfections for his perfection.

Made perfect in his sacrifice

Made perfect in wanting nothing

Made perfect through our patience

Made perfect in our in calling

Made perfect after our sufferings by our walk in Christ through trials and tribulations

If everything a righteous man does turns to gold then what does everything a perfect God turns into?

Don’t be afraid by the word perfect and how that God has called us to be perfect as he is perfect.

As I said in the first book, this word perfect is not like the world word perfect and how it is used only for man’s selfishness.

If man sets the standard then only a one or a few could ever meet it.

By God’s way of being made perfect

A man who has come into the knowledge of God by Christ can and will be made perfect

And by your walk in Christ you can receive perfection.

Man doesn’t give this our so freely, but God can hand it out to anyone the walk receives and walk after the Son.

I have not given you some scripture references here, but I have given you some place to research for your selves.

You can start by using the underline words above to start your search.

You are the blessed of God made perfect in his likeness.

Remember who made you and the purpose you have been given is why you are here now at this time and place in history.

Your purpose has the trickle down affect.

It was designed that way to touch many people.

Use it in its perfection to be what God has called you to become.
Perfect in and thru Christ work in you
The end

Psalms for Life II:  “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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