I See You

Author/Teacher for billboardministry1

I see you

Here with me in heavenly places together.

I see you

Living the life I wanted just for you.

I see you

Going to every place made just for you.

I see you

Blessed in every way under the Heavens

I see you

In charge of every emotion

I see you

Moving mountains no other can move

I see you

With power untapped and unused by others around you.

I see you

Not moved by changes in this world that would affect most

I see you

Leading the way to Heaven’s best for those around you

I see you

Loving your enemies until they turn from their wicked ways.

I see you

Laying hands on the sick and they having no doubt that God is with you.

I see you

Having every dream and vision come to past

I see you

As I have been seeing before I made…

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