I want you to think for one moment.

 Why would you need redirection?

 What way are you going?

 Is there something you are trying to avoid?

 Or is there




 Should I say, people, place or thing

That you should be avoiding.

 Now you know you shouldn’t be avoiding your destiny.

 That can’t be it.

 Matthew 7:14 NLT

 But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.

 But, on your road to your destiny, should there be a place you need to be right now?

 Right now is the key.

 I am on this road to my destiny, but I have taken a little detour.

 Where to?

 There is no other place you should be right now.

 Why, because

 I and others are awaiting your destiny to be fulfilled.

 Redirection will be use by God for his purpose of keeping you on track.


 To move you around something that he is trying to keep you from being hurt.


 It can be a good thing or a bad thing.

 Which are you into right now?

 What is distracting you that you would need to be redirected?


 Job 11:13-20 HCS

 13 As for you, if you redirect your heart and lift up your hands to Him [in prayer]- 14 if there is iniquity in your hand, remove it, and don’t allow injustice to dwell in your tents- 15 then you will hold your head high, free from fault. You will be firmly established and unafraid. 16 For you will forget your suffering, recalling [it only] as waters that have flowed by. 17 [Your] life will be brighter than noonday; [its] darkness will be like the morning. 18 You will be confident, because there is hope. You will look carefully about and lie down in safety. 19 You will lie down without fear, and many will seek your favor. 20 But the sight of the wicked will fail. Their way of escape will be cut off, and their [only] hope will be to die.

If you are on the wrong road

 Then redirection is most welcomed.

 If you are on the right road but God feels you need to be redirected, then this one is most welcomed also.

 Sometimes you need to be tested in another area of life that God feels is needed right now in your life.

 You might have missed something when you were tested in your last trail


 Someone else right at this moment in time needs your guidance.

 You see this one was for someone else’s purpose.

 Remember you are being trained to fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven’s plan.

 To serve the Kingdom is your goal.

 This is the plan of God for your life.

Not for self improvement for self fulfillment

 Your destiny should be Heavenly minded.

 God will take care of your needs.

 There is never any doubt about that.

It should be the furthest thing from your mind.

 Yes you have desires and dreams for things and such

 But, by putting the things of Heaven first all your dreams and desires will be added unto you.

 Matthew 6:33

 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.

 If you doubt me then test it and see for yourself blessed.


 It’s a good thing

 Be aware and take note of where you’re going.

 It’s important for in pursuit of your destiny God might need you to help in a time of need for others sake.


 What direction are you headed into?

 What is it good for?

 The end

Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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