Talk To Your Success

Call forth your success

 Say to success

 I’m looking forward to seeing you

 Success for you is a promise of God.

 In Romans God was talk to Abraham

 He said in Romans 4:17

 Call those things with be not as though they were.

 Be determined that one day you will see your success come to pass.

 God through out the bible is showing us a process.

 He said in Ezekiel 37, to talk to dry bones and make the rises.  The people of Israel were as dry bones and they were cut off.

 But, this part of the process is the one needed to bring us into our destiny.

 We say to our selves we believe in our destiny.

 We believe in it so bring it on.

 At this junction in your chase for your destiny you can now see it always off in the distant but its get closers.

 You can see yourself there.

 You can see all the things around it.

 You can smell the air.

 You can see yourself walking in your calling.

 You find yourself day dreaming about it more and more

 You speak now of it more and more.

 Those around some don’t know what to think of the things you’re saying.

The changes that were made in you are starting to show them selves outwardly.

 Your appearance has become apparent.

 You yourself can see what things God has done to your appearance.

 Your confidence level has risen to the top.

Look now favor has step up a notch.

 Receive your calling

 Reach out and feel what it feels like.

 Keep speaking to your success.

 Say to it you’re ready to receive it now.

 Let it know that you are so immersed in it.

 Say what it knows; that it’s for you.

 Have a conversation with your destiny.

 You two are meant for each other.

 It has taken over your dreams

 When you awake in the morning call out its name




 Abundant Life

 Victorious life

 I am ready for you now.

 Waiting to receive you in my arms

 Your mine and I’m yours

We are meant for each other

 Speaking words of your success let it know each day how much you believe in it and how much you want to be like Heaven already knows it already is.

 Talking makes it alive now in the present.

 Speak and never stop speaking until it comes to pass.

 Walk the victory of your success before it comes.

 Talking about makes it real and its alive today in the present.

 The end

 Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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