The Jonah Affect

If you are not in the place where God wants you to be, you will be face the Jonah affect.

 Now Jonah like us had a destiny to fulfill.

 God had made him to be a prophet.

 One of Jonah’s great tests and trials was upon him to face his fears.

 Jonah 1:1-17 and 2:1:9

 Another to follow the leading of God

 Trusting in God

 God send people to talk with the foolish and unrighteous ones.

 God will send you.

 Jonah knowing refusing to go because he feared the people for they were wicked.

 Johan tried to run from God.

 He give Johan a create commission.

 Johan refused his destiny.

 What if you refused your destiny?

 Since God has a plan and purpose of everyone.

 What are the consequences for refusing the call?

 What if you kept ignoring the Word of God?

 What things you are going thru right now that might be caused by you ignoring God call?

 It might not be a whale or large fish, but you might be going thru a season that you didn’t have to go thru.

 There is something else that you have not considered.

Jonah got in a boat filled with other men that were faced with large waves and winds that could overturn the boat.

 Jonah was causing others to be faced with a challenge they didn’t have to go through.

 What about you?

 Who are you around that are affected by your choice?

   Have you thought about this deeply?

 That you choices could affect other people?

 What about the city that needed to be saved?

 What about those souls that could have faced the chastening of the Lord?

 What if many where lost because Jonah didn’t eventually go?

 And so

 What about you?

 Is your choice hurting those around you?


 Is your choice saving those that need your words of faith?

 You see your destiny is bigger that you and I.

 Its affect could save lives for generations to come.

 What about your family members?

 Could they not hear or need to see what God has or what He is about to do in your life?

 The Jonah affect


 Cause and effect

 To choose or not to choose

 To go or not to go

 To chase or not to chase after your destiny

 What have you already decided?

Free will

 Yes, it’s your choice.

To choose life or death is your right to chose also.

 Like I said above

 What choses you made don’t just affects you, but hundreds, thousands, and millions.

 Commands of the Lord are refused all the time.

 But, look around you at the world we live in.

 Could it not be better if one or many obey the Word of the Lord?

 We might never know about the past or even right now, but we do know if we all followed our destiny this world will be a much better place.

 Why don’t you do your part?

 God give you a destiny.

 Chase after it

 Proclaiming the Word that God gave you.

 Using what talents molded for the task ahead.

 You will change your world and the world that you touch.

 The end

Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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