Understanding Your Spiritual DNA

What is meant by the word DNA?

 It contains all the information of the human make up in cell structure.

Without it we would be just a blob of hardly anything.

 Well the spirit has sort of a DNA.

 It has a structure.

 It is made up a spiritual cell structure.

 It can only be sent from Heaven.

 Now the only way it can operate here in this three domination world, it has to have a body in which to live here.

 Now this spirit has been made for a specific purpose.

 It also holds the keys to your destiny.

 Keys to spiritual power

 Keys to spiritual wisdom

 Keys to purpose and plan

 Keys to the real you

 As we know the real you is not what you see in the mirror.

 You are but an image of your real you.

 Your spirit matches you look for look

 The two compliment one another

 They are designed to work as one unit.

 This is not the case at first

 The flesh conditioned by the world and all it attractions.

 The spirit lay dormant until it is born again.

 Romans 8:10 WEY

 But if Christ is in you, though your body must die because of sin, yet your spirit has Life because of righteousness.

 It is like a light has just been turned on.

 Some will say that you have no spirit when you are born and when you come to the knowledge of God, that’s when you receive a new spirit.

 If you had no awareness then how can you be lead to Christ?

 Jesus did not have to be born again

 His spirit was alive and well from his birth.

 How can we recognize the light when it is near?

 Even though it lays dormant, your body is aware of it.

 Your flesh is not what draws you to the light.

 It’s your spirit that is familiar with the light because of wear it came from.

 This is why we are drawn to spiritual things.

 We are a spirit who is designed to be close or near to the light.

 Once we the flesh comes to our right mind why we are drawn to the light, we then receive the awakening by Jesus by his spirit touching our spirit.

 What was dormant has risen.

 Born again spiritually is being made aware and an awakening.

 Made to live

 John 3:6 NASB

 “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

 This is inside the DNA of the spiritual.

 At the right time when something we do to tell Jesus come into our hearts.

 At that time the spirit inside us jumps to full attention.

 The power explodes inside of us.

 We are then full of something that will turn our flesh into a person who comes from Heaven to serve the Kingdom.

 Doing the call of the Kingdom while here on earth

 Making others aware of these truths, so that they can become who they are designed to be

 Each one becoming ambassadors for Heaven.

 For some it happen at a young age

 For others at an older age

 But, the actions of the spirit are still the same.

 The same DNA likeness in each one of us

 God creates each with same DNA, but will each a different purpose and plan.

 All play a part in God’s plan.

 Each working at a specific plan to get to the same result

 Saving and reclaiming the world.

 Your part fits jointly together with my part.

 All being brought together into the family of God

 Brothers and sisters

 Sons and daughters of God

 Connected by like faith, but truly connected by the same Spirit.

 The end

 Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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