Walking in your Destiny is Walking in the full power of God

Acts 4:33 ESV

 And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.

 Once you have received the power of God you are unstoppable.

 You have received all you need now to achieve your destiny and purpose.

 As you know now that you were (past tense) chosen to do greater things

 Chosen from among all others who are not in Christ to go and bring in those who are not written at this time in Heaven’s book of saved ones.

 You were once among them too until someone of destiny found you.

 Now your life has a path that it was destined to take in saving those once like you.

 But, in order for you to achieve these great things, you must master the power within.

 By allowing it not only to come in and to take place inside you, but to be used by you

 The full power of God was give you for a victorious living

 For winning over all obstacles

 For caring out the plans of God

 For making a way when it seems like there is no why

 For doing just what the power was meant for.

 To give you victory of all circumstances

 Power to over come

 Power to with stand

 Power to claim

 Power to be more than you could ever think.

 Power to take your dreams to the next level

 Power to be the light is some ones life.

 And with this power you can and will do all things through Christ who gives you power.

 Over coming power

 Never ending power

 Always full of power

 Always there power

 Can not be stopped power

 Victorious living power

 Walking among the evil power

 They can’t touch you power.

 You can always do more with this power.

 You can’t stop me kind of power.

 We have received this power after receiving Christ, but only a few even begun to tap into it.

 The churches should be full of those who walk in his power.

 Many of you have not even scratched the surface.

 Many have not even as much known who they are in Christ.

 They don’t know who they are

 Or what they have living on the inside of them

 The world is afraid of you when you know how to use the power within to fulfill your destiny.

 Unleash the power within to accomplish your destiny and purpose in this life.

 God talks about this kind of power in His Word.

Power to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18

 Great power (Joshua 17:17)

 Edifying power (2 Corinthians 13:10)

 Strong power (Ephesians 6:10)

 Everlasting power (1 Timothy 6:16)

 Divine power (2 Peter 1:3)

 Power over nations (Revelation 2:26)

 God has given us the knowledge through power to overcome and everything according to whatever your destiny needs.

 God will not give you a destiny and purpose without giving you the power to become what your destiny calls for.

 You are full of all the power needed to carry out your calling written in the book called destiny.

 If you believe you can after receiving the power than no door or no thing shall stand in the way of your destiny.

 Walk in the full power of your destiny by walking in the power within.

 The end

 Psalms for Life II: “Get Motivated to Pursue Your Destiny”


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