Who is pulling your strings?

Author/Teacher for billboardministry1

We all are being control like puppets on strings.

What’s important is whose pulling your strings?

We all know that this world system was not designed the way God intended it to be, if you didn’t know; now you know.

If it was, then this world would be a duplicate of Heaven.

Because of the fall of mankind we gave up our power and plans for those of satan.

Adam and Eve were to dominate and affect this world to the point making it a duplicate of heaven.

From all the pain, sufferings, injustice, wickedness, evil, hunger, waste and lack, this is not a duplicate of Heaven.

You go through life being shown things that are not good for your life and you choose to go that way or you choose to accept it.

You are shown

Then you choose

You let yourself be fooled into going down the wrong path…

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