What is a Man of God?

Author/Teacher for billboardministry1

This day and time we have very little or few real men of God.

What’s a man of God?

Yes, Real men do pray, but not only do they pray, they are spiritual leaders of their homes.

God said that a man steps have been ordered or set forth by him.

They take their direction according to what God says.

Real men are leaders who care about others and take care of their homes.

They are defenders of their families.

They feel the need to protect what’s theirs.

They humble themselves down to the point where they help others in need, putting others needs before their own.

Most of the time to humble oneself is a trial and test of a good man.

Good men are faced in this world by many challenges in life.

Life will always come and if they are strong enough they will always take what…

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