Cause and Affect

Author/Teacher for billboardministry1

Everything that you are dealing with negatively or positively has a

Cause and Affect

If you are having trouble emotionally

Whether or not its directed towards a love one or not

Has a cause and affect

You heard your mother said when you were young;

You better check your emotions at the door

Well you know if you didn’t do it there will be an effect.

You might then ask, what cause this?

Well, it was something that you did that caused her to want to train you in this area.

The effect is that if it continues you will feel much of the effects of it.

Dealing with emotions is only one area, but it’s a major area for most of your problems.

We all know that negative emotions lead to negative thinking.

If you can’t get your emotions in check,

Don’t make any decisions that will affect you…

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