God does not take anyone, anymore

Author/Teacher for billboardministry1

Long ago and even today many denominations are still preaching this message

God took some ones child or parent.

And many people after their love ones have died said, God took them.

They even asked the question, why did God take my love one?

I tell you as I know this to be true.

God did not take them.

If God took your love ones then why are we having funerals for their bodies?

He didn’t kill them.

If your love ones died as a believer, God took up their spirit, but God did not take up their flesh nor did he have them killed to suite his purpose or plan.

This does not represent my God of heaven and creator of all mankind.

To answer your question about who did God take?

Well, I looked in the bible and could only find two people that God took.

And God…

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