FRESH MANNA, March 31, <_>, This morning I want to address the men and talk about their first Love. For some loving another man these days is not being welcome because of the society we live in today. It’s one of those fopa’s about men loving each other enough to reach out and share many things together. For a man a relationship like that could take a while to build. It’s not like a blood brother where loving them comes easily. Hard as they are to come by it’s needed for men to progress and to build relational trust and share openly their fears and fellers. The bible says that it’s like iron sharping iron. But to make this easy than it is we need to love Christ first. In Christ we find our self. As He poured out His love on us in return we gravitate and long for His love. The person we used to be is behind us and we pick up and are drowned to His love. For God so love us that He sent His Son for our love. To forget our first love is to forget why God sent Him, for our love. Sin is what draws us away from that love. Reject sin and put aside the fopa’s of this world so you may stay in close relationship with your first love.


FRESH MANNA, March 30,

FRESH MANNA, March 30, <///>, In order to move forward in your new found faith and determination you will have to “stop tripping over your own self”. We have to get out of the way in order for God to do His thing in us. God is guiding our footsteps, but we keep laying down old and new traps to slow down or stop the progress that God has in store for us. We have been getting in the way of God’s work in us. We are stepping and tripping over our on feet. I think this is being down on purpose. Why, because of either trying to rush God to get where we are going or impede our progress because of fear that was planted in our mind by the enemy. I know it’s hard for some to leave that old man that we have become so comfortable with. The new man inside of us is trying to change to old man on the outside and that’s his job. We can’t move forward or go to the next level in God’s plan for our lives until the old becomes more like the new. Change on the outside must happen in order to become the complete image of Christ like.

FRESH MANNA, March 27,

FRESH MANNA, March 27, <?>, One thing we do, either unaware or aware, is giving any of our time to devil. You know, every time you allow him to put thoughts in your head that sways your thinking his way, you have spent your time allowing him to occupy that space between your ears. What harm can he do? Well, he’s the devil first of all and any Christian shouldn’t even ponder the thought of allowing the enemy to just put any kind of thought in our heads. Do you remember what happen to Eve? Yes, I know nothing happen until Adam eat, but you see one person can precede another to do things if he or she can appeal to their desires. It only took Eve giving the devil the time he needed in occupying her mind enough to change the truth into a lie. Here we are doing it over and over again. He has been using that trick for thousands of years. We have been falling for it every time. Those who win are those who capture thoughts and close off excess to the devil by way of thoughts entering their minds. Your life will change for the best in all expects when you secure your mind and do things according to God’s way to doing things.

FRESH MANNA, March 26,

FRESH MANNA, March 26, <+++>, You have heard it said; let go and let God. What’s true about this statement is that we should be losing the reins of our self so that God can work in and through us. Letting go to let God be the one that guides and direct our steps. Letting go of what holds us back and having full confidence that God is in control even though we have free will to do and make a lot of decisions in our lives, it’s that freedom we feel when we ask God to lead, guide, direct, and show us the way. Our will for is will to do all that He needs to do in our lives to make us the image of what He created us to be in the first place. The main reason you are having so much trouble is not letting Him do His part. Our part is to surrender our will for His. Let your will be done as it is in Heaven. It’s like closing your eyes, opening your arms wide and falling back knowing your Father will be there to catch you. Letting go putting your confidence, trust and faith in Him who will not lie or fail forsake you.


FRESH MANNA, March 25,

FRESH MANNA, March 25, <++>, It’s does a mind and spirit good to think ahead for the thoughts of our past controls future things. Spending any time with something that undoubtedly caused us much pain tends to keep our minds focus on negative things and not positive things. We will be like pigs playing in the mud and trapped in a pin with only a glimpse of a way out, but the gate forever closed until the day of slaughter. Meaning, to forever dwell upon the pains of your past, when God has made a way out, you have chosen to stay where it’s most uncomfortable while it eats away at your mind, body and soul until you pass away. You are making your enemy happy daily with your choses. I mean whose side are you own anyway, the devil or God? You chose freely with free will to side with the devil when your Father has given you access into Heavenly places. You have joy, peace, love, and happiness, freedom from bondage, grace and mercy which are new every morning. Who can separate us from the love of God, nothing and no one?



FRESH MANNA, March 24, <+>, The struggle within is the struggle you pretend nothing is wrong. The struggle you pretend is the one you can no longer hold within. For everything in life that comes against you Heaven has an answer for. Nothing hidden that the light can’t reveal. Darkness will be repelled back by the light. For every action there is an equal and opposite and powerful reaction. Yes, in this war between heaven and hell it might seem that we are stuck in the middle, but would our Creator place us here to fight alone and without weapons that are more powerful than the enemy we fight? No, He gave us every weapon we will ever need and with those we have the Angels which outnumber the demons. We are surrounded by a host of heavenly Angels and within our hands the sword, which is the Word and on our bodies the armor that no fiery weapon can penetrate. The only weaknesses remain in our minds and upon our lips. Will you daily feed your minds renewing it with the Word and will you speak God’s truth from your lips for victory to remain on the side of righteousness?



FRESH MANNA, March 23, +++, Do you really believe, then what’s the hold up with you picking up your cross and following the one who gave you life? Shame in who you really are or what you believe say’s that you really don’t believe, because if you did you wouldn’t hide it. Fear has no place in the life of those who say they believe. Fear and shame stops a believer from operating in God’s plan. Once we became a believer our main recourse is to bring the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Every man, woman and child on earth believing, sharing and operating just like they were from Heaven is how we change earth to look just like Heaven. Jesus paved the way so that all we would have to do is follow His lead. Question is are you ready to put down the shame of who you really are and the fear that holds you back because you don’t want your friends to know you love Christ. This is why you’re here. They need you to show them the way so they too can love Christ and help in changing this world into Heaven.