FRESH MANNA, March 4, <***>, Brotherly love goes a long way. You will increase your chances in finding those few men that fit your area of interest when you make an accretive effort to contact. No man is an island and we are not along in our walk of life. Iron does sharpen Iron. Also on the good or negative side you are who you hang out with. Who are you friends tells a lot about your personality and interest. Things you desire are evident in the things your friends do. But, for safety, freedom, friendship, brotherly kindness, and tough love you brothers in arms are there to lend a hand. They also are there tell stand up to you to say you are wrong or step off the ledge. There is greater power when men of the same faith unit to fight the war that the enemy is warring against us. No man left behind on the battle field. There is truly power in numbers. You can’t stand along very long against the war inside your head. Look to the left, the right, behind and in front, your brothers and the power of the Angels are standing with you in this season and beyond.



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