FRESH MANNA, March 6, <&>, Why are you working? Is the position you have the one you really want? Do you love what you do? Does it satisfy the hunger inside you? Do you have a strong desire to get to work every day?  Would you do it for free? Why are you there at this particular company? Take notes and write down your answers. If you answers are positive in nature then happy you are and happy you should be. If you answers are negative then what has God told you to do about?  Yes, He has but you have been ignoring the talk. He spoke to you many times. Stop getting mad and get yourself up and go where you will find true happiness. For some that means starting a new business or job or sharpening your talents for the whole world to see. You are holding yourself back by staying where God says it’s time to move. Don’t be like those afraid of the giants in the land who stayed and die in the wilderness.  Your destiny is the only place to find true happiness. Get happy or stay sad, it’s your choice.


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