FRESH MANNA, March 9, <+>, From the time of the Fall when Adam fell and from every birth including yours have been at War. “The Kingdom of God suffers violence and violent men take it by force”. God has set it up that you are not alone in this war. This war is for the souls of men against satan. He holds back nothing, but throws everything he can at you to distract, destroy, dismember, and disillusion you into a false hope about God. If he can get you to give up and give into his thoughts about your life, he can make your fellers greater than they are and to distract you with desires of the flesh. Using God’s gift of love and sex against you to subdue you into thinking you can have more than it was designed for by God. Using your drive and thirst for success to compel you to jump into something that looks too good to be true. We are in a war and the enemy doesn’t play fair. Every day we wake up we must be ready for battle, but remember we win before we ever get started. So get equipped and take the battle to him, you want lose.



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