FRESH MANNA, March 10, >+<, Now that we are in the third month of the year let’s take note and analysis where we are so for. In January you looked back at your work of accomplishments and found out last year didn’t go as planned. This year you promised to make some changes that would propel you forward towards your destiny. You promised to get rid of some of those old dead weights that keep pulling on you dragging you down and holding you back. Whether relationships that needed to end or stop doing things to yourself that you knew was stopping you from moving forward. Cutting off ties to things so you could concentrate on why you are here in the first place. You know what they are but even now you don’t want to emit that they must go, because a person set free would not remain in bondage, there is no life if you remain. Once you said yes to Christ then there was no turning back to the old man. You are made new, being dead to the old self, now set your mind to act according to the newness in your spirit.



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